Moving this blog to a new host

2008 October 17
by admin

This blog is now being moved from its original home on ( to its present server.

This blog will be a type of blog that doesn’t like to host on its server:  one in which most of the posts will have links back to the NYARBB main site. For example, some posts here will be about updates to the main site. Other posts will be about activities of NYARBB task forces and projects, with links back to the page for the relevant task force or project. So, I figured I had better move this blog off of, because’s rules prohibit blogs containing lots and lots of links to another site owned by the blog author.

As an added bonus, I now have more control over the appearance of this blog. Alas, I don’t now have time to learn how to design a WordPress “theme” from scratch. (I’m still using WordPress blog software, though not on anymore.) So, I’ll have to settle for modifying an already-existing “theme.”

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