Recent NYARBB actions, September 10 to 14

2008 September 18
by Diane

NYARBB is no longer just a concept. Last week we began doing serious outreach.

A major focus of ours, for now, will be on opposing the spread of “Illuminati” claims, which are similar to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion except that, instead of Jews, “Illuminati” claims typically scapegoat Pagans, occultists, “Satanists,” and atheists, and typically also allege that modern social reforms, such as feminism and gay rights, are part of an elite conspiracy to destroy America. Though currently a fringe phenomenon for the most part, we feel that such bigoted claims, in the era of the Internet, should not be ignored, especially when they are promoted outside of the religious right wing circles from which they emanate.

Last week, our nascent Committee for 9/11 Accountability distributed literature at some of the 9/11 anniversary events held by We Are Change. We distributed the following:

  • Support a new investigation of 9/11. But let’s NOT endorse religiously bigoted “Illuminati” claims.” – 2-sided leaflet aimed primarily at people inside the 9/11 Truth movement – all too many of whom are fans of Alex Jones, who recycles a lot of religious right wing hate propaganda with a superficially more worldly populist gloss.
  • Why we need a new investigation of 9/11.” – pamphlet aimed primarily at people outside the 9/11 Truth movement, but also to show insiders that we support their central aim, in the hope that our leaflet against “Illuminati” claims will be taken as constructive criticism. (The pamphlet does not argue that “9/11 was an inside job” but, instead, just points to (1) undisputed evidence of coverups of some kind and (2) some relevant history of the U.S. government’s strange love-hate relationship with Islamist terrorism.)

We distributed literature at some of the events on Wednesday (September 10), Friday (September 12), and Sunday (September 14).

I got into some interesting discussions/debates with various people, especially on Friday. I didn’t do the best possible job of presenting my arguments, but it has been a very worthwhile learning experience, at least.

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