NYC Pagan Pride event and related NYARBB action and meetings

2008 September 20
by Diane

The NYC Pagan Pride festival is coming up very soon: Saturday, September 27, in Battery Park, 11 AM to 5 PM.

NYARBB’s nascent Committee Against Satanic Panics will be distributing literature in the vicinity of the event and, hopefully, doing a little networking.

Summary of relevant dates/times:

  • NYARBB meeting before event:   Thursday, September 27, at 7:30 PM
  • The Pagan Pride event itself:   Saturday, September 27, at 11 AM to 5 PM
  • NYARBB follow-up meeting:   Thursday, October 9, at 7:30 PM

Our literature will have the following aims:

1) To alert Pagans about the “Illuminati” claims (and their accompanying anti-Pagan bigotry, among other kinds of bigotry) and other religious right wing propaganda that is now being spread via pop culture, e.g. in some hip hop lyrics, and within otherwise secular political movements such as the 9/11 Truth movement and the antiwar movement. To invite Pagans to join us in opposing the spread of “Illuminati” claims.

2) To counter the tendency of some Pagans to scapegoat Satanists. (Exactly what we’ll be saying along these lines will depend on who is scheduled to speak at the Pagan Pride event, which apparently has not been finalized yet, according to their website. If the Pagan Pride website don’t announce their speakers within the next few days, we’ll prepare something generic.)

3) Do the above in such a way as to avoid undermining political causes we otherwise support (e.g. the call for a new investigation of 9/11). To those interested, we will also give copies of the literature we distributed at We Are Change’s 9/11 anniversary events.

To prepare for our action at the Pagan Pride event, we’ll be holding a meeting on Thursday, September 25. For details, see the announcement on our Meetup site. If you’re considering attending, please let us know by RSVP’ing “yes” or “maybe” on the Meetup site.

Also we’ll be having a follow-up meeting on Thursday, October 9.

Note: Our action at the Pagan Pride event will be strictly friendly and pro-Pagan. It will not be, in any way, a protest against the event, unless they happen to have a really obnoxiously anti-Satanist keynote speaker such as Isaac Bonewits (whom they had a few years ago). Even then, we will maintain a friendly and respectful attitude toward modern Pagan religions per se, while objecting to the tendency of some Pagans to scapegoat Satanists. NYARBB opposes religion-based bigotry of all kinds.

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